provides full spectrum of Capital solutions including Debt and Equity covering Structured Finance, Private Finance, Private Equity and Venture Capital.

Our Specialization

Mezzanine Capital

Polestar specializes in private financing space and specifically in Mezzanine Capital which sits in between senior secured bank loan and pure equity as we believe there is lot to be done in this space as part of capital optimization strategy. The Firm also helps raise other forms of capital such as acquisition finance, leveraged finance, special situations, structured credit, pre-IPO, quasi equity, etc.

In addition, we also help promoters raise money backed by listed as well as unlisted shares, properties or any other form of valuable assets at their Holding company level to finance rights, preferential issues, creeping acquisition, increasing stake, supporting his equity contribution, expansion and diversification needs, etc.

Private Equity

Polestar Capital helps aspiring promoters raise growth capital for their promising businesses to achieve next level of growth. As equity is dearest to Promoters, we advise them appropriately on timing, valuations, dilution and covenants for raising growth capital. We help Promoters select the best compatible Private Equity partner having adequate experience and matching vision.


With regulatory framework in place, we at Polestar have worked at opportunities across asset monetisation for our clients that have gone through cashflow stress. We have not only helped them identify sustainable debt and in negotiation with lenders to help them optimise their capital structure but also refinance the debt stack.

On the other hand, for global investors we have helped them identify pockets of opportunities wherein they could look to participate in a specific asset, cashflow, company across the capital structure.


While the Firm focusses on Mezzanine Capital, Private Equity and Venture Capital funding, we also raise financing under term loan, working capital, securitization, put monetization, lease rental discounting, receivable discounting, etc